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Course Overview


  • What we can do for you
  • How to apply
  • The Online Courses to get you ready

IntuuChina is an internship agency and advisory company specialized in facilitating professional experiences for Western students in China. Watch this series of videos to hear from the team how they can help you find an internship that fit your skills, goals, and ambitions.

Learn about the courses we developed in partnership with Prodygia, the first and fast-growing marketplace for expertise on China. These online courses were designed specifically for people like you:  international interns coming to China for an internship. These courses are the best possible way to prepare your China internship adventure.


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1 The Industry Sectors and Companies We Work With
Video course icon Introduction
Video course icon Sectors, Companies, and Types of Work You Can Expect
2 Our Support During Your Internship in China
Video course icon Land Services: How We Are Going to Help You As Soon As You Land Here
Video course icon Our Support Throughout Your Internship
3 How to Apply
Video course icon The Application Process, Step-by-Step
4 Why an Internship in China?
Video course icon Hear Why from Marc, Co-Founder of IntuuChina
Video course icon Hear Why from IntuuChina Staff - The People that Will Help You Find Your Internship in China
5 Our Online Courses in Partnership with Prodygia
Video course icon Introduction, by Alessandro Duina - CEO of Prodygia
Video course icon Survival Chinese for International Interns, by NingNing, Senior Instructor & Others
Video course icon Get The Most Out of Your Internship in China, by Mary Rezek - Top China Coach & Consultant
Video course icon Manage Your Job Search in China for International Interns, by Peter Hill - The Career Doctor
6 Wrap up
Video course icon A Few Final Words from Fernando, Co-Founder of IntuuChina

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